Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sex with a doll.

Who has sex with a sex doll. Really, do men actually do this?

Before I begin my rant, there are two types of sex dolls, one is more fine then the other. The really expensive sex dolls are a different story. Although still strange, at least they have mannequin heads and are somewhat realistic. If you have a big imagination, you might be able to believe that you are actually having sex with a real woman.

Some of these life like sex dolls are so damn real that if you turn out the light,s you can imagine the sex is real. It's because the pussy and ass are life like the same material that sex toys for men are made of. You can run your fingers through they hair and do her in any positions you want.

That's not what I'm talking if here. I am speaking of the cheap sex dolls that are super basic, the ones where no matter how good yuor imagination, you can't bring yourself to imagine you are having sex with a real women.

I'm led to be live that men who have sex with a sex doll are not really wanting it to be real, otherwise they would dish out the hundreds of dollars for a real sex doll or maybe a prostitute.

Maybe they do not want the sex doll to be real, maybe they want to strange feel of a plastic doll.

That would not surprise me at all. I've seen really strange fetishes before and I would conclude that men that have sexual intercourse with a cheap sex doll with a printed face are doing it out of a fetish desire.

If that's the case, I'm not supposed to that. I would not mind seeing this occur, I'm pretty curious what it would look like.

In the end I can no longer make fun of men who have sex with a plastic doll because it's juts a fetish. You know another reason why I know it's a fetish? It's because if men really want sex, they would reach for some adult toys in the form of a pocket pal or masturbation sleeve. These sex toys are realistic and would offer better sex then a sex doll ever could.

There we go. I have shown that men who have sex with dolls do not do it our of necessity but out of a fetish desire. They want that and that' okay because that's the last thing that anyone could ever or should ever do is to say that someone's fetish is wrong because we all respond sexually to different things.