Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How and Not Always Where.

Even the most seasoned lovers come upon a dry spell or two from time to time. Especially this time of year, the busy Christmas season approaching it's easy to loose the great sex life as stress can be a love life killer.

I could suggest buying a vibrator but that's not the route I'm talking about.. Great sex is so much more then “stick it and click it” from a vibrator, involving the whole mind and psyche is the true road to spectacular sex.

"To discover real-world sex tips, read the blog of a sex educator. Professionals know what it takes for the body and mind to flow together into full seduction, instead of offering up simple sex tips like “lick the nipples”, they offer complete stories, perspectives and specific examples putting their ideas in motion. An example of an excellent tip complete with guide for the mind."

Another side benefit of reading such long winded stories? It's kind of arousing so the body prepares itself for hot sex without you needing to touch yourself first. Again it proves arose of the mind is one of the most important steps for better sex.This is different instead of telling you WHERE to do it, I'm giving you ideas on HOW to do it. Sometimes a refresher is a good thing!

This year, skip the Cosmo sex tips and go for what a professional has to say. Why not make that your new years resolution? It's a fun one (much more fun then weight loss resolutions anyway!) Have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sex in the air : half-mile high club.

How are you going to pull this one off? It may be a little difficult because most hot air balloon rides must be conducted by a "driver".

Of course you could always get hot air balloon lessons and rent one yourself, or if you have deep pockets, why not buy one? They can easily be stashed away in one of your sheds when not in use and the basket can be used as a great storage bin for Christmas decorations.

Having sex in a hot air balloon is something our of this wild, it's like creating your very own mike high club. It may be difficult to achieve but the work is worth the payoff. Think of it this way, you climb up a waterside is long just to slide down for a few seconds.

This is the same, lots of work put into the idea, but having sex in a hot air balloon really should be a goal to achieve. The most amazing experience ever. It is erotic, sensual, intimate, fun, kinky and playful all at the same time. The best place to have sex for people who have done it everywhere else. Or you can just read about it in this steamy sexual fantasy novel from Smashwords.

Instead of taking fling lessons and buying your own equipment, maybe you can hire someone. Just tell them that you are going to have sex in the balloon and see if they mind. After enough phone calls, I'm sure you'll be able to find someone who won't mind the dirty deed being done in their balloon and in front of them!