Monday, June 30, 2008

Have Sex in the Rain

Picture this: It's a hot summer evening, you have been staring at each other all day in your sun wear, the sexy glistening bodies and the hot passionate mood is in response to the hot lazy day...
Evening comes and brings a light summer shower.

The smell is invigorating and now you are forced inside. It's still blazing hot and so are you and your lover. You turn to each other and begin an erotic embrace, it's too hot to head to the bedroom so you go outside.

The rain is warm, the air is hot, together this makes a comfortable chill that you crave all day long. You crave this as much as your lover's body.

The rain picks up and comes down harder, you get hard and your lover wants you so bad, just like the thirsty dry grass needs the rain. The rain pours over your bodes, mailing the nipples obvious in the see through light summer dress.

The material clings to your body but leaves juts enough to the imagination to drive you wild. You hike up her dress and insert your already lubricated penis, the rain is dripping and allowing you to slide in with ease but with enough friction to make is obvious, thrusting hard and slippery.

Her hair gets wet and it looks like she is in the shower. The sex is so great.. the visual stimulation is amazing, the big grand outdoors is so nice, the rain smells refreshing.

Yes, have sex in the rain. It is so erotic because you are outside and the water rushing over you is like being fully lubricated. The slippery feel, the way that clothes hug the body, it's like you're making without actually being naked.

Sex outside in the rain is good for couples who want something different but are a little on the conservative side. You don't go makes, you are still wearing clothes. Also since it is raining, chances are the nosy neighbors and passers by are all inside waiting for the rain to pass so you won't have a any onlookers.

It's invigorating, sexy and fun so the next time you have a cool summer showed, hop outside in the rain and have the most exciting and refreshing sex you'll ever have.