Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have Sex in a Submarine

There are two different types of sex in submarines to enjoy, the first is if you are a military personnel. I am not so I am not sure how it work work, but I'm sure it's possible because I know that military submarines are huge. I can't say how to have sex here because I have no clue.

The second place to have sex is in a submarine that takes tourists for adventures over top of coral reefs. This is the type of sex spot I am referring to.

This erotic sex spot is very tricky but if you can pull it off, fantastic!
I'm not sure how many of my readers have traveled to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but there are submarines that go underwater in the lake inside the mall (yes, it's as impressive as it sounds!)

In those submarines, the people sit on chairs and peer out the little windows at the fish around them. There is a big dark cove at the back under the stairs that you walk up to get out. This is where you are going to have sex.

Have some respect and do this when there are not too many children around, another reason besides respect is that if you wait until shoulder season, there is less likely to get caught and get a criminal ticket for indecent exposure!

Make sure to run under there are soon as the ride begins and people are looking out the windows, they will be so amazed at the scenery, they won't even see yo go back there!

I speak of this place in these submarines and generalize that they are all the same. I'm sure they are all built similar. So the next time you are at some tourist spot, for example Edmonton or Mexico and you are in a submarine, find that little dark spot under the stairs and have sex there. It will be like staring your own "mile under" club!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Have Sex on the Hood of Your Car

Having sex inside the car is totally over done. In addition, it is impossible, uncomfortable and sometime painful! Think our side the box and have sex in the hood of the car. When you actually think about it, it's a perfect spot because it is flat and slightly sloped - anyone with a sexually creative mind can easily see that there are so many possibilities of sexual positions on the hood of the car.

It also makes for easy oral sex. Try missionary style. If you need to, place your knees on the bumper. Don;t worry about the hood making noises, it's just the metal collapsing from the pressure, like a heavy snowfall would do. It's not going to dent if you are spreading your weight evenly. Juts don't kneel on the hood or it will dent.

Another made-for-sex-on-a-car position is doggie style. So comfortable for her because she dow n not have to hold herself up. She will stand on the ground and lay over the hood. he will simply stand behind her and volia - explosive sex!

Try also oral sex but don't do a 69 because it could cause head trauma! One partner will sit on the end of the hood and the other will perform a blow job, fellatio or whatever else you wan to call it. has some blow job aids to make it more fun.

When it comes to choosing a location to have sex, try a deserted farm road. Or you can try a park, but be careful because these days, indecent exposure has lost it's cool. You can even get a a ticket for it so be careful on your spot.

If you are in a newer relationship, sex here will be very exciting because if you have sex on hid car, every time he gets in his car, every moment the is driving, he will be staring at the hood, thinking about the naught, naughty sexual encounters that have happened there.

last note about this sexual position is to make sure to watch out for any hood ornaments, but I'm sure you've already though if that! Sex on a hood is so exposing and risque, very naughty. Even kinkier then porn star sex. It will make you feel adventurous, promiscuous and an expert sexual inventor.