Friday, April 24, 2009

Have Sex Underwater

Sex here is so very naughty. I most recommend having sex in the ocean, in the water far from the beach. When the water is up to your neck. Imagine this:

There are people splashing and playing in the water at the beach, the sun us hot, the ocean surf is rushing against your neck. The chill of the water in conjunction with the heat of the sun is like an erotic lover nipping at your neck.

It's just you and your lover. The water acts as natural lubricant, you rub against each other with no friction at all. easy and erotic. Bring along a trusty realistic cock because they are always waterproof, try Vibrators can leak but a dildo will never leak.

You finger each other under the water. No one can see, no one can hear your moans because the ocean surf is too loud. But you are in plain sight, in the open, in front of everyone!

The best sexual position for underwater sex is for him to stand and her to be straddles. He holds her butt and uses this to thrust as needed. He controls the action. If you both as lose to the same size, you can jump up and down on his erection and allow to motion of the water to thrust you up and down. It's like having sex in zero G's. Try using a rubber butt plug under water too from, it's much cleaner then on dry land.

Another sex position you can try is for him to stand and to simulate doggie style but she will be floating in the water. He has to hand in to her hips so she doesn't not float away! The only problem with this position is that from the beach when people look out at you, it's fairly obvious what you are doing, whereas the other sexual positions are more discreet and from the onlooker, it appears that you two are just embracing.

A tip for more comfort is to bring out some silicone lubrication. This amazing liquid does not float away under water. It will allow you to glide much quicker and easier. It can be used for foreplay and with sex.

A few cautions however, watch for snorkels who want to have a peek at the action, watch for jelly fish and sharks, but hey - if this is your time to go, what a great time to check out!

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Alex River said...

Mmm... sounds lovely. I adore underwater sex. :-)