Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have Sex in a Closet

When I say have sex in a closet, I am speaking of a small square shaped walk in closet, maybe about 3 feet by 3 feet. The goal here is to make it closed quarters, it forces you two to be close and intimate.

You will constantly have your hand on each other and be touching skin to skin for the entire duration because the lack of space prevents you from pulling away!

Remember your teenage parties when you played 7 minute of heaven and had to kiss a partners in the closet? This is the same premise but it's the grown up version. This time, you are a little kinkier.

If the closet is too small for intercourse, there are a few options you could try. First, try standing up sex if your respective heights allow for this. secondly, if you cannot penetrate, then bring in some sex toys to accompany you, it's not exactly sex, but you can re-create it no problem.
You know what else is great about this? Your partner (or you) can't wither away and move away from the intense pleasure. You are forced to take it all!

Here's an exciting idea. If you want to feel a surprisingly strong erection, take a penis pump with you. Pump the penis in the dark and then get her to touch it. Your erection will be so strong that she will drop her jaw... to do what? You can guess! Learn the basics of a penis pump and consider the Precision pump from becuase it's very portable and small and it works quickly. Don't get excited about having a bigger dick becuase they won't make it bigger forever but every time you pump it will get huge.

When you think about it, for the reasons mentioned above, sex in a closet is ultra kinky. Another nice feature is the clothing that hangs allowing you to rest against it as a form of padding. Also the clothes prevent the skin from touching the cold wall and ruining the mood.

Comfortable warm and kinky, now that's a great sex idea!

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