Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sneak It In A Parking Lot

A great place to have a quickie is in a parkade or parking lot. Typically it should be a multi-story car park so there are plenty places to hide. Find a quiet spot in the parking lot at the local mall, and go at it! There may be video cameras and there may not be, but this is just part of the rush!

I would be careful though, it could be a bad picture if you get caught, and the police could get involved, so if you are uncertain of video surveillance maybe stay away from this one.

However, if you are down for the dirty deed, then a parking lot can be a big rush! There are many concrete pillars and stair wells that make great sneaky spots, perfect for a quick poke! Don't make it a full on sweat session, keep it quick and simple. It is easier if you wear a skirt and he wears easy to open and looser shorts or pants.

If you have a car, you can always have sex in the car in the parking lot. Drive to a safer spot with minimal people, and turn off the engine. Turn off the lights and put on some tunes. Don't turn up the volume too much or you will get caught!

Sex in a parking lot is exhilarating, fun and daring! Enjoy your sneaky sex sessions and good luck!

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