Monday, September 22, 2008

Have Sex In Front of a Mirror

A great place to have great sex is in front of a mirror! This is a sensual and very passionate idea for couples wanting to spice it up a bit, but want to keep it in the house. Having sex in front of a mirror allows both partners to see a lot more of each other, which in turn will create more arousal for both!

Watching yourself and your partner will show you not only what you look like, but will help your creativity. You will be more willing to move in different, more erotic positions, and will increase your craving for erotic touches and pleasing maneuvers!

You can have sex in front of a mirror with the lights on, and then try it again with only candle light. You will see yourself and your partner in two different lights, which will make a big difference in your mood! Chances are the candle light will be hotter and more spicy!

This is a fun little way of sharing intimacy with your partner in a new and sensual way. Enjoy your hot mirror sex, and mix it up a little. Instead of always standing, try sitting on a dresser in front of a mirror, or on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror!

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